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Some may want to know what is the WAR CHEST. The WAR CHEST is a fund created to underwrite our strategic plan. What is that plan?


If you can win a campus, you can win a community.

If you can win a community, you can win a city.

If you can win a city, you can win a country.

If you can win one country, you can win 195 nations.


A team of collaborative faith-based, non-profits, and small and large businesses have assembled a curriculum called the Community Classroom! This values-based curricula is designed to model and motivate students to live-learn-lead from the inside out. This choice ignites a strategic values-based lifestyle that spills over into the community, city, country and the 195 nations of the world as described in the title Required.

So, hope is here, it is called the COMMUNITY CLASSROOM. Students are learning to live-learn-lead from the inside out. This past week third grade through twelfth grade scholars in 23504 and beyond had their innovative, creative, intuitive mathematical and language arts prowess heightened.  Their administrators, teachers, parents and peers all experienced this wonder that all KNEW existed. See some of the fruit of the Community Classroom's curricula fostered in the Road Show and YESUSA Dream Assembly. Some of the suppliers/users of this curricula: Let's Make a Difference (A community group of 10-12 local churches, ministries, non-profit and business entities), YOURS Ministry, Urban Discovery, GOing2COLLEGEisEZ, ALL Pro Dad, Virginia Cities Movement, First United Presbyterian Church, Royster Presbyterian Church, YESUSA Transformational Cities and many other individuals, non-profit, churches and businesses all contribute to this curricula.

Will you support our goal of $50,000 to supply our WAR CHEST impacting 3,700 students in the 23504 in Norfolk and beyond. (See Reports below)

Click here to donate.

SEE ROAD SHOW & YESUSA Dream Assembly Reports

Road Show 13
YESUSA Assembly (Apr 18, 2023)
YESUSA Dream Assembly (Apr 19, 2023)
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